Sunday, November 19, 2006

whats up world

this is a new thing for is time to share what is up with me..
its been crazy,life changes.a year ago i did not expect to be here
doing what i do.i've lost alot but gained at the same time.i want
people to hear and see what i do.i am so disconnected from my
people and family.this wasn't a choice for me and was what
we had to do.for me it has been interesting,
i've been a chef for 12years now,but i have changed my career and
its been a dream for my whole life as a bike crazed person.i miss
cooking and useing the skillz that i have developed over my time as a
chef.i thought that was what i was put on to this earth for.but really it
became more of a burden than a passion.being used,working long hours
missing family fuctions and holidays,working yourself to death,and for what
$8.00 an hour.even for the top 40 retuarant in the nation.there are no regrets
but i wished it would have worked out.
now i am a bike messenger.WOW it has been a dream,a true test for myself.
pushing myself to crank through the nations capitol.where i am in my head
constantlly.digging through my head trying to figure out what is going on.
i am seeing everything alot clear now.i have a few friends here that are great,
but for the most part i don't really get alot of people here.but look at were i
am from.but man to wake up in the morning knowing i am going to hit the
street on my cycle,rain or shine hot or cold.knowing that this day will be a
challenge .
i just want everyone to know i am doing this.i am handling my aint
easy but man i wouldn't have it any other way.i am staying out of trouble and
keeping it straight.i don't know drama here and i don't want to anyway.i stay
to myself and prefer it that way.i have alot to experience and i want to keep it
that way..

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Darby said...

i am very excited about your blog. i will be calling you very soon t ake advantage of some of those incredible chef skills that you have. it will be very exciting to have another blog to read when i am procrastinating! or however you spell that. sorry, i am kinda doped up still from my wisdom tooth pain. thanks for the late nite fever advice on saturday and take care