Tuesday, November 28, 2006

wee court before t-court

my mom sent me some pics last week with a care package from home..
i guess these pictures made it through the flood of rita.i was excited to
see some of my past,of course.
mills has been busy with her project this weekend so that is why i have
not really been posting anything..on friday after thanksgiging was a
dream day out on the road working..i think it was only 66 and me 98
on the road from out fleet as far as bike riders go.so i took a bunch
of pictures because i had plenty of time.it was clear and about 60
and noone was out,no traffic,no buisness suits..i was just able to
ride my cycle with ease..half the security gauds just let me right on through..
i stayed out till 6:oo that night..it was fun...
well i gotta go get ready for today..T-COURT

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