Wednesday, November 22, 2006


well today was a true day of haveing the reality of the harsh conditions i will be working with this winter..but shock to see other couriers out ther still shooting the thumbs up and a brief smile..i am learning slowlly about the tricks ,as far as wropping your feet,tucking in shirts so they wont hang and get know try to stay as dry as possible..
this weekend we are takeing care of these 2 awsome and totally cute dogs..bella and gus.we look forward to a weekend of annimal care walks to the coffee shop,playing in the front yard..i'll post some pics of our weekend together..
tomorrow is thanksgiving..and man i am excited..i get to eat some of miss linda's cooking..i been thinking about it all week..i think it will be worth the metro ride to vienna..
and i am out ...T-COURT...


slughunter said...

hey cc,

that was an awesome post! it was a nice suprise to get your e-mail. i don't know how anyone could smile with the freezing rain hitting their cold faces! that shit hurt! i wanted to get off my bike just to cry on the hill up 18th.

even though i have a pretty stinky attitude a lot, i am happy that you like your job.


the meels

i find your spellin endearing, but there is a spell-check feature you can use before publishing. i'm just saying. i hope that wansn't too bitchy.

PS. did you get ice cream???

slughunter said...

i mispelled 'spelling' - how ironic....

i mispelled 'wasn't' too - how ultra ironic!