Saturday, December 16, 2006


What it is ...well let me start by saying my life aint the same without my girl..i miss her dearlly,you know
we never spent this much time apart before.its not the same around here,no coffee buddy in the morning
none to pick on in the morning.the slugs and i miss ya momma..i can't wait till you come home..

This is some crazy shit..all day yesterday i was thinking how amazing it is that i am a bike messenger here in the dreams,my hopes,my everything has come to me..yesterday the routes,the lines,the city streets,i felt
powerfull.i was meeting deadlines,makeing sure clients were happy,and satisfied.its crazy cuz the day started slow
then all of a sudden i was rolling my ass off.granted there is this clerk at the court that i have to go do fillings,
he is an ass face,me and him don't mix,but i give him that southern charm and i think that pisses him off..
which i like pissing people off.

i like to be gives me pleasure when i know that i have made someone smile.but man when you cross the line,well
you know i can win that one.but all in all my bike is my life,and i wouldn't change that for the only if i could get my studio back,makeing some beats and working on my bike as a job would be crazy..

Thursday, December 7, 2006

well this morning i woke up and was thinking about pete...
i miss the little devil.i wish things could have worked out
better...i think out of everything i lost through the hurricane
that i wish i never lost was my son.but he is doing well in
ronoake,so it could be worse...but i miss him so much...

well today they say its going to snow...i cant wait.i never really got to experience much last year,so this
year i hope it snows alot...i never rode my bike in it before for a long period but i am up for the challenge..
i love being a courier,not cuz it is cool,not cuz of the lifestyle or what people think of messengers..
i love it because i am independent,there are so haters out there that think i am out there to change the
face of being a messenger,but i am not doing it to impress anyone,i am out there for myself and the
challenges i face everyday.and it is a challenge for me to get used to the elements,flows of traffic,
good routes..its a haed job,and i like it that way...hope to see ya on the road.cuz thats where i'll be..

Sunday, December 3, 2006

howdy people

what up world...not much going on in the slug headquarters this weekend..
alot of relaxing and stuff like that..but i did score this weekend on a purchase of
a new bike from craigslist,but already sold it..broke even,,it was a 61cm so way to was a cannondale late 80's but a perfect bike all and bad it wasn't my size..
but i got it for 40 bucks..all 105 components,paint was perfect,really a sweet deal..
work was freakin awsome this week.i got worked and enjoyed every minute of it..
thurs. and friday was a real test for myself..i was busy and the routes were totally ass kicking..
i had to push myself so hard to make my deadlines..i feel great about this week as a whole.
it didn't rain,was perfect temp.and the work was real good.
we finally got the computer fixed this week and i been watching all the bike movies on youtube.
so i have been pretty cracked out on bikes all this weekend.and today is football,and bike work day..
clean all the grit and grim from my know its a lazy afternoon..
well the reason i posted a pic from new orleans is because its been on my mind alot.
the reasons are is cuz i been hearing alot of shit coming out of there.and alot of it negative.
the reasons why i never wanted to go back..the crime is sky rocketing.and i am not shocked.
people are acting shocked and i don't know why,well i do.know why.cuz they didn't have to see
what we had to see..everyone that is shocked are the ones that left and didn't have to see the
caos of what we had to live know i stopped talking about our exprience in nola
for a reason.its just old news to everyone.but there are still people suffering there.murder.muggings,
suicide,..drugs and curruption still playing a major part of the down fall of my hurts
everyday,i think about it constantlly,and no one wants to really relate to what is happening
down there.or what is happening to us and all the other survivors from this disaster..just that
the thugs are taking over the city.and really all i can do is sit back and watch what our lives
could have been if we stayed...i say fuck it is so far broken now.i am still trying to fix myself..
and we are having to do all by ourselves and i am starting to think it wasn't such a bad idea.
call me bitter or what ever,you sit and deal with what we had to go though and still have to
go through..i aint asking for sympothy but just know i saw the ugly side of the world.and i'll never
forget the look on everybodies face.and i hasve to live with that for the rest of my life....
AND I AM OUT BITCHES........i do miss home though,sorry had to vent....T-COURT....