Thursday, December 7, 2006

well this morning i woke up and was thinking about pete...
i miss the little devil.i wish things could have worked out
better...i think out of everything i lost through the hurricane
that i wish i never lost was my son.but he is doing well in
ronoake,so it could be worse...but i miss him so much...

well today they say its going to snow...i cant wait.i never really got to experience much last year,so this
year i hope it snows alot...i never rode my bike in it before for a long period but i am up for the challenge..
i love being a courier,not cuz it is cool,not cuz of the lifestyle or what people think of messengers..
i love it because i am independent,there are so haters out there that think i am out there to change the
face of being a messenger,but i am not doing it to impress anyone,i am out there for myself and the
challenges i face everyday.and it is a challenge for me to get used to the elements,flows of traffic,
good routes..its a haed job,and i like it that way...hope to see ya on the road.cuz thats where i'll be..

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slughunter said...

hi poppi-

i miss you. everyone i've run into here in new orleans asks about ya.

where is the alleged new post?

the meels