Saturday, December 16, 2006


What it is ...well let me start by saying my life aint the same without my girl..i miss her dearlly,you know
we never spent this much time apart before.its not the same around here,no coffee buddy in the morning
none to pick on in the morning.the slugs and i miss ya momma..i can't wait till you come home..

This is some crazy shit..all day yesterday i was thinking how amazing it is that i am a bike messenger here in the dreams,my hopes,my everything has come to me..yesterday the routes,the lines,the city streets,i felt
powerfull.i was meeting deadlines,makeing sure clients were happy,and satisfied.its crazy cuz the day started slow
then all of a sudden i was rolling my ass off.granted there is this clerk at the court that i have to go do fillings,
he is an ass face,me and him don't mix,but i give him that southern charm and i think that pisses him off..
which i like pissing people off.

i like to be gives me pleasure when i know that i have made someone smile.but man when you cross the line,well
you know i can win that one.but all in all my bike is my life,and i wouldn't change that for the only if i could get my studio back,makeing some beats and working on my bike as a job would be crazy..

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slughunter said...

hi honey bunny!

I MISS YOU TOO! you are right, this is the first time we have been apart for longer than a day.

i am happy that you are realizing your lifelong ambitions. even though we seem lost away from home, we are both headed in the right direction and making progress.

congratulations on all your accomplishments!

when i get home, lets celebrate!


mama slug