Sunday, February 18, 2007

i am back...

well i am back in d.c...and it felt like i didn't skip a soon as i got back i hit the road it felt like..
in a sence it was good...i was tired but i did it..getting adjusted to going from 60 degrees to 20 degrees
in less than 4 hours is pretty crazy..but being gone kind of weakened me a was miserable to get
out and ride for me...but i sucked it up and took like a champ..i missed my riding everyday through this place..
know what i would be doing back home and what i am doing up here,i'll take here anyday..but what i went
through down there has helped me for what i am going through here..being a rookie is hard work,and trying
to earn your place here with some of the best courier's...i fell blessed everday for being i am
back to reading bike porn and chillin in my apt..tonight is bike repair and getting my gear straight for the week..
well i 'll post with some pics soon...i am still brain storming my attack...t-court

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